In the communion of the shared creative space, where quiet ones and always-abuzz ones pull up seats at the table together, beauty happens. True stuff gets said, comes flying across the page in words that surprise even the ones who wrote them.

This is what MakeHerSpace is about: making space for women to make.

But not supper.
Not the beds.
Not another phone call,
another trip to the grocery store,
yet another appointment.

Not that kind of making.

Instead, MakeHerSpace makes space for you to make writing happen. In a noisy world, to make space for listening. To turn what blooms in your beehive mind into brightness on the page. To make mischief, creatively. To make truth and beauty as an argument against the dark.

You’re made to create.

Claim your space, and in words, with others cheering you on, come make with MakeHerSpace.

The Living Room

If you’re a woman who loves words, if you have a story to tell, if you want to play on the page while gaining a little practice, if you’re looking for creative exercises and literary prompts without the burden of deadlines and homework, then welcome to The Living Room. Led by writer and teacher Carla Funk, these sessions aim to widen your literary scope, deepen your creative practice, and add to your imaginative engagement with everyday life.

The Studio

If you’re looking for guided one-on-one writing instruction, enter The Studio.

Customized for your skills and literary interests, The Studio combines lessons in the art and craft of writing, literary exercises, and substantive editorial feedback on projects of your choice. Choose to meet in person with writer and teacher Carla Funk for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. If you’re not in the Victoria area, arrange for online mentorship designed specifically for your writing goals.

Whether you’re crafting a memoir, working toward a poetry manuscript, revising old work, creating new content, or simply need a little literary coaching to shed some light on your writing, The Studio has space for you.

Contact Carla to book some time in The Studio.

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