I’ve always loved listening to writers talk about creative process. Part of that fascination comes from my nosey nature a natural curiosity about the world. The other part comes from a desire to learn what stokes creativity and how to stoke it more.

This notebook is a way for me to crack open my own creative practice. Some days, I’ll list what roadkill images grabbed my eye as I walked the morning trails. Other days, it’ll be a book I’m reading, a snatch of conversation overheard, someone else’s poem or story, a link to another viral video featuring yet more cute dogs an intellectually-stimulating article or spiritually enlightening blog post, some ember of in-progress writing found in my gathering of fuel, or simply some relic, photograph, shard of sun-glinted glass, old-man-whistled tune, sloughed-in-the-dust snakeskin, thrift-store clown mask—some strange, illuminated thing that feeds me joy, for which I am a glutton.

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